Below is a graphic novel entitled The Hourglass that I've written/drawn in the "Ultimates" style--it's about Doctor Doom and my version of him is quite a bit different from the mainstream Marvel Universe model. Doom is 200 years old, having made a deal with the Other Side in the early 1800's, but now his time is running out. His body and mind are deteriorating rapidly and he is desperate to save himself. The Hourglass reveals my alternate version of Doom's origin, and his quest to save himself brings him into conflict with the Avengers, the Black Panther, and most importantly the Scarlet Witch. This is pre-"Chaos" of course! Anyway--the story is awesome--now if only I could get somebody at Marvel to look at it! Enjoy!
WARNING: These images are the property of Bob Cooksey c2004. DO NOT COPY. Violators will be prosecuted. If you would like to use a texture, contact me at for permission.
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