I have the best job in the world--I've been doing environment art for video games for over fifteen years and my credits include Terminal Reality's "Ghostbusters," "Bloodrayne 2," Challenge Games' "Sleuth," "Tiki Towers," and "Gridiron Live,"  EA's "Lord of the Rings/Return of the King," Acclaim's "Vexx," Eclipses' "Jack Nicholas 5 Golf" and others.
null HIGH POLY RENDERS: Various high poly rendered scenes. Mostly recent stuff, 2008-now
NEXT GEN ENVIRONMENT SCREEN SHOTS: Examples of my console work for various incarnations of the XBOX, Play Station, PC and even the Gamecube, ranging from 1996 to 2007 
null MMO SCREEN SHOTS: Examples of low poly MMO work, from 2007
ARCHITECTURE: Various Buildings, rooms, houses, ect. in no particular order  
null HIGH POLY MODELS: Assorted props and models
FACEBOOK ART: These pages contain examples of high poly models that became renders that appeared in various Facebook games like Ultimate Collector, The Ville, and others. Very cartoony stuff!
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